Top 5 tips for beginning paddle boarders

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP has become a popular summer pastime for many young and old! Almost anyone can do it, and it’s easy to learn. However, there are a few tips that will make your first time on a paddle board a little easier.

Here are five tips for beginning paddle boarders:

  1. Learn to Paddle Board on your knees

    It’s OK to start small! If you’re feeling uncomfortable on the board (and many people do during their first few outings!), start in a kneeling position. This will help you learn the proper way to paddle before you worry about balance. Speaking of the proper way to paddle…

  2. Use your core

    While on the SUP, you don’t need to exhaust your arms! Your core is the strongest muscle in your body, so you’ll be able to paddle more efficiently. To do this, stand up tall and turn using the muscles in your stomach to paddle.

  3. Don’t stare at your feet

    The gut reaction when you learn to paddleboard is to look down, watching the board wobble in the water. Don’t! Instead, look up at the horizon while you paddle. This will keep your back straight and your weight over your toes, which will increase stability.

  4. Keep an eye out for traffic

    Don’t forget to watch the area around you and be aware of what is happening. You don’t want to cross paths with a cruise boat or bonk a swimmer on the head!

  5. Fall properly

    There’s a chance that no matter how good you get, you’ll still eventually fall off your board. If this happens, remember to fall away from your board, and don’t try to catch yourself. Paddle boards are big and heavy, and will hurt if you smack a limb on them. Also, make sure to keep a strong grip on the paddle, you don’t want it coming back to hit you in a fall.

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